Transforming Collections Management with a Cloud-Based Solution

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June 26, 2024

by Alec Whitten

A USA-based software company had been grappling with challenges in its collections management process. The inefficient system was not only hindering their growth but also diminishing customer experience. As the digital world was swiftly moving towards SaaS-based solutions, their infrastructure was still rooted in traditional methods. This posed an additional challenge of not being able to provide automatic sign-ins for services, affecting their overall service delivery and client satisfaction.

Anagram entered the picture to transform its operations by migrating its on-premises systems to the cloud and redesigning its app.

Our partnership was centered on leveraging AWS’s native services like AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF), AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB), Amazon EC2, and others, to design and implement a solution that was high on performance, security, scalability, and resilience.

Our Approach

Design for High Availability: An architectural design that guaranteed continued service delivery, even amid system disruptions.

Scalability Measures: Implementation of load balancing, auto-scaling, and failover mechanisms for enhanced system agility and resilience.

Proactive Monitoring: A monitoring system to preemptively identify and address issues, thereby reducing service disruptions and downtime.

CI/CD with Jenkins: Automation of the software building, testing, and deployment process, thereby enhancing deployment efficiency.

AWS Secrets Manager: A safe and easy way to store and rotate crucial information like API keys, database passwords, and more.

AWS WAF: A protective layer against common web exploits, ensuring application availability, security, and efficient resource utilization.

AWS GuardDuty with VPC Flow Logs: Enhanced security configuration to protect the infrastructure.

The Solution

SaaS-based Infrastructure: With a completely revamped platform, the company could now offer automatic sign-ins for services.

Enhanced Scalability and Resilience: The scalability measures we put in place fortified the system against potential disruptions.

Security Improvements: Our architecture effectively protected the company’s web applications from DDoS attacks and other threats, thus improving website performance and user experience.

Proactive Monitoring: The preemptive identification of issues minimized downtime and service interruptions.

Cost-Effective AWS Implementation: By leveraging native AWS services, we provided a solution that seamlessly integrated with existing workflows while keeping costs down.

CI/CD Automation: Deployment became more streamlined, reducing errors and inconsistencies.

The results were transformative. The company now operates in a more efficient environment, has the capability to scale its operations, and can deliver superior services to its clients. With AWS services and proactive monitoring in place, the company also benefits from increased operational efficiency and lower maintenance costs.


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